Project Management

Of the several approaches to Project Management, Lancaster House International Consulting considers the Systems Based Approach as the most appropriate to the construction process. The Systems Based Approach is one in which we review the complex processes involved in the context of the entire project, consider the role and responsibility of all contributors to the final development and then analyze how these processes interrelate. Subsequently, we devise the method by which we implement improvements to ensure that effective project management results in fulfilment of the client's objectives. Application of a Systems Based Approach can be adapted by us to suit structural requirements specific to our client's organization.

We undertake the principle tasks of establishing the systems and procedures, determining or advising on the design of the organization, guiding, facilitating, negotiating and co-ordinating matters to provide the structure, focus, flexibility and control to help bring the PM Team to completion on time, within budget and to the standard and quality required. Our style of Project Management recognizes the importance of building good relationships with all contributors to the project. We also focus on maximizing the output to be obtained from each contributor, ensuring that all functions including our supervision and overall control are performed to high qualitative standards and that our decision making is definitive.

Lancaster House International Consulting carries out a broad range of functions whether acting as in-house managers or as independent consultants under a form of agreement designed specifically to cover such services as may be required. Subject to agreed terms of reference, we undertake:

  • Project Organization & Management , Interrelationships Definition, System Controls Establishment / Development, Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Determination of PM Role, Scope, Responsibilities, Authority and Resources
  • Recommendation, Selection & Total Management of the PM Team
  • Recommendation of Contractors, Subcontractors & Suppliers & Other Consultants
  • Development of Comprehensive PM Strategies
    All duties in connection with Design, Planning, Budgeting, Feasibility, Procurement of Resources, Recommendations, Approvals, Independent & Objective Monitors, Controls & Reports on Schedules, Budgets, Resources, Quality, Health & Safety, Commercial, & Contractual Management, Final Account Settlement
  • General & Direct Project Oversight, Liaison, Coordination, Monitoring & Supervision (Inception / Design / Procurement / Construction / Commissioning / Completion), Project Close Out & Report

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Our style of Project Management recognizes the importance of building good relationships with all contributors to the project

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