Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our experience of more than 25 years in the industry, has shown that the majority of disputes can be avoided through application of Best Practice Procedures. Prior to embarking on any course of dispute resolution, all parties should ensure that the claims management process has been entirely exhausted. All too often the parties either unnecessarily create a dispute situation or choose an inappropriate route to resolution. It is our recommendation that Lancaster House International Consulting are engaged to fully determine whether there is the possibility of reaching a bilateral agreement. Only when every avenue of settlement has been investigated and exhausted do we recommend the parties move towards Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

However, we also recognize that there are circumstances where the process of contract variations and claims settlement has entirely broken down and there is no other recourse than to involve the assistance of third parties. At this stage, we remain committed to finding a common resolution to our client's dispute. We offer a fast and cost effective means of doing so. Constructive, independent and expert advice greatly facilitates the process of a negotiated settlement and allows the parties to continue their business uninterrupted, without further damage to their relationship. The engagement of Lancaster House International Consulting as a professional, impartial, and independent third party is a very effective means of altering the negative climate of dispute, allowing us to break through deadlocked situations.

We provide the platform for factual discussions by re-establishing an atmosphere of cooperation rather than confrontation. We re-open and improve lines of communication, examine the nature of the dispute, separate fact from opinion and establish the root cause of the dispute. We then present all the facts and their circumstances in a concise and impartial report, to ensure that all parties become better informed and fully comprehend their respective positions and the case as a whole. Reaching settlement in this way greatly reduces the costs in comparison to either arbitration or litigation, as well being a more effective use of the parties' resources.

A feature of our service is that we provide our clients with an executive summary paper on how disputes of a similar nature can be avoided in future. Where adjudication has been agreed between the parties, determined by contract or statutory provision, we undertake the necessary steps, often under a tight timetable as in the case of UK Statutory Adjudication. After a thorough analysis of the case, we prepare the referral document or a response thereto within the time limits that may be set by statute or the adjudicator. Where adjudication is the chosen or required procedure, and whether we represent the referring or the responding party, we will often assign registered adjudicators with the background and experience best suited to the tasks at hand.

We therefore undertake turnkey services for:

  • Conciliation
  • Mediation
  • Adjudication

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Our experience of more than 25 years in the industry, has shown that the majority of disputes can be avoided through application of Best Practice Procedures.

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