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Lancaster House International Consulting provides commercial & contractual expertise to the construction industry worldwide, from project inception until completion and settlement of the final account. 

Our services are of value to developers, contractors, consultancy & management firms and lawyers as well as insurance companies, banks and other funding agencies.

Construction Claims Consultants – Claims Preparation / Mitigation, Dispute Resolution & Avoidance, Arbitration and Litigation Support Services

Lancaster House International Consulting provides a wide array of consultancy services. Our Claims Management competence center provides specialist professional advice on many aspects of construction claims. We are confident that the number of claims can be vastly reduced by ensuring the initial contract/tender has been drawn up by adhering to best practice procedures coupled with an effective system of Post Contract Commercial & Contractual Management & Administration (CCMA) in place

We offer a full claims management service for the preparation and/or defense of claims that includes an in-depth claims analysis, research and substantiation, negotiation/settlement of claims and arbitration/litigation support services.


Our experience and reputation for having a truly international vision, being results driven and delivering a value for money, professional and reliable service has enabled us to bring our expertise to our clients across six continents.


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